Technical Details and Credits

KreyonCity is an immersive experience that allows users to play with urban scenarios, exploring the space of possible solutions to issues like employment, education and quality of life the more general sense. The backbone of KreyonCity is a data-driven mathematical model of urban indicators that can be tuned with heterogeneous data sources coming from different nations and different time frames.

In KreyonCity, participants will interact with a physical city made of lego bricks where different colors represent different functional blocks (housing, jobs, services etc.). Sensors are placed on top of the city monitoring the decisions of the user in order to provide a feedback by means of the underlying model. In this way they will be able to understand the functioning of the city itself, looking for what in their opinion is the best configuration in terms of socio-economic indicators.

The Digital Version

KreyonCity is also a digital game, when all the physical interactions are mapped into a 3-dimensional virtual experience. The digital version is a more rich experience in which it is possible to play specifically designed missions as well as longer campaigns of increasing difficulty. Players taking part to the digital version of KreyonCity will be in fact taking part to an online experiment where their capability of understanding a complex model will be tested, with the aim of increasing their awareness on urban issues.

Researchers Involved

Vittorio Loreto (Sony CSL)
Matteo Bruno (Sony CSL)
Hygor Piaget Monteiro Melo (Sony CSL)

Former Sony CSL

Bernardo Monechi (Sony CSL)
Enrico Ubaldi (Sony CSL)